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Team - Gp Capt. S. K. Pathak

Anand Misra

Personal Details

Name: Group Capt. S. K. Pathak


Phone: +91 9897933685

Career Profile

After a stint of one year as a lecturer teaching Physicsin a post graduate college I joined Indian Air Force and served it with pride for over three decades. Post retirement, I have remained actively associated with the field of aviationby way of instructional assignments for civil trainee pilots at various institutes and flying academies. It continues to be the professional occupation till date. In addition, I have conducted interviews of pilots for induction into airline industry.


As an air traffic controller in the Indian Air ForceI worked at various positions related to non- radar and radar controlling functions. My career encompassed postings at exclusive military fighter aircraft bases to the military transport air traffic and mixed military and civil air traffic bases. Each phase posed different set of challenges thus helping me in honing my professional skills.

As a designated inspector for the entire air force for nearly five years, I had inspected and rated the air traffic services units and offices across the country, for their efficacy and standard of service.

As an air force ATC examiner during the same period I had set question papers, examined and rated the air traffic controllers for their professional competency.

As head of an air traffic services unit, at a premier air force base handling mixed air traffic comprising military fighter, transport and helicopter aircraft and civil aeroplanes, I was directly involved in functions such as overlaying of runway, remodeling of control tower and strengthening the crash/ fire fighting services besides regular liaising with civil authorities for erection of buildings etc. in the proximity of the airport.

I was tasked with carrying out survey for siting and installation of ground radar at a vital air force base. Subsequently, I over saw the installation of the radar and carried out its calibration too.

I have taught the subject of Air Regulations to the civil trainee pilots after retirement at the following institutions/ academies:

    • All India Institute of Aeronautics, Dehradun,
    • Chimes Flying Academy, Sagar (MP),
    • Glorietta Consultant & Services, NOIDA,
    • HoneywellAerospace centres, Madurai and Bangalore.

Of these, I am currently a visiting faculty at (i) which has now been renamed as Fortune Aviation Academy.

Honours and Appreciations

I was awarded the coveted A Category, the highest rating for an air traffic controller in the air force following a grueling written and practical examination.

I was one of the youngest officers to be appointed as inspector and examiner for the entire air force.

I was fortunate to have earned appreciation and respect of the trainee pilots and staff at all the institutions/ academies for quality of teaching.

Special mention

I have already completed writing a book on Air Regulations for civil trainee pilots which will shortly be going into print.