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Blog - Best of 7 Hacks for a Cabin Crew Member

Best of 7 Hacks for a Cabin Crew Member

Best of 7 Hacks for a Cabin Crew Member

Are you a cabin crew member? If yes, you must be knowing the highs and lows of working as a cabin crew. It is almost with any kind of job. You are having a great career opportunity for sure as it has the highs such as seeing new places and making good friends and hopefully doing a job you love. The lows may include fatigue, missing friends and family, missing events & birthdays and having little social life outside of work.

It is one of the most loved job profiles that gives you a plethora of chances to make the most of it and it can be the most rewarding job you will ever do. It will change your life. It’s not just a job, it’s more like a lifestyle.

Here are top seven tips for best performance of a cabin crew on board and off board

    • Drink a good amount of water onboard, to keep yourself hydrated, for a smooth skin and an improved digestion.
    • Sleep whenever you can – working long shifts at unusual hours can be very difficult, so be kind to yourself and get a few more.
    • To get the most out of your suitcase space and still stay presentable, fold and then roll your clothing and put in the centre of the case with shoes and other items around the sides.
    • Always keep a positive attitude and enjoy your work – this will rub off on the rest of the team and make a long day an easy deal.
    • Keep a ‘freshen-up’ kit in your crew bag, for a flawless look. It will also make you feel better during a long flights.
    • Have a spare set of uniform and at least one outfit with you – you may have an unexpected night-stop due to any unwanted issues, so it is best to be prepared.
    • Take a couple of photographs of those you love or anything that makes you feel good when you want a little piece of home.

These are just a few tips to help you whether you are thinking of being cabin crew or taking your first steps in the skies. Stay safe, take care and have fun!